Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your general landscaping related questions you need to know first

Lawn care and maintenance programs are basically designed to tailor all your gardening needs. Throughout the process, the company continuously evaluates and improves the equipment and techniques for lawn care and maintenance. We at Golden Sun Landscaping strictly follow all the environmental guidelines and regulatory policies while carrying out the lawn maintenance service at your property. Our lawn care and maintenance service includes services like lawn fertilization. Weed control, moss control, lawn aeration, lawn pest control, weed control and many other services.

Lawn care companies provide expert and professional treatment to your lawns. They have the ability to study the condition of your landscape and can also diagnose problems. Similarly, they also provide ongoing and continuous treatment to your lawn and also help to beautify your lawn by putting down the right product at the right rate and at the right time.

Generally, for most landscapes, it is recommended to use ¾ inch to 1 inch of water two times per week. But during the growth season, if there is absence of rain, you need to provide 1-2 inch of irrigation to your lawn. And if you see the signs of water deficiency in your plants, you should water them immediately. But during the winter, you need to provide your lawn with ¾ inch to inch of water once every 7 to 10 days.

In Chicago, it is ideal to seed the lawn from September through October. This is because, with the arrival of fall comes cooler temperature and more rain. This combination of warm days and cooler nights creates adequate moisture in the ground which creates ideal growing condition for many types of seed.

It is very important to mow your lawn regularly at a proper height. So depending on the growth rate, you may need to mow your lawn once a week during peak season and once every two weeks during slow growth season.

Yes, fertilizers are important to obtain healthy and beautiful lawn. Along with this, lawn fertilizers also help in preventing weed infestation as well as drought and disease. However, it should be noted that the fertilizers should be applied evenly at a proper rate to prevent burning or leaving stripes on the lawn.

Granular fertilizers costs more than other fertilizers but these fertilizers that release slowly provide a long-lasting response and are also safer than the others. It also allows customizing our programs depending on the weather conditions and the need of your lawn.

The weed application generally works in about an hour, i.e. once they have dried out. We try to use chemicals or products that help the herbicides stick to the weeds in adverse conditions so they are not much affected by rainfall. Also, products such as grub controls, pre-emergent and fertilizers are actually helped by the rainfall.

The time taken by the weeds to disappear fully depends on the factors such as temperature and rainfall. But, in general, we can see the full benefit of weed control application in about 2 to 4 weeks.

It is difficult to grow grass in shaded conditions but not impossible. What we can do is, we over seed the areas with grass that are tolerant to shade. While some shady areas does not support grass growth and for those areas, we use shade tolerant ground cover such as Ivy, Myrtle, or Pachysandra.

In order to prevent any risk, you need to read and follow the Weed Man professional’s instructions and remain away from the treated lawn until it has dried. If possible try not coming in contact with the treated lawn up to 24hrs after the weed control application. This will prevent your children and pets from the possible risks.

Proper and timely watering and mowing is the key to a healthy lawn. Make sure that you use sharp mower blades while mowing your lawn. This is because dull blades may rip the grass instead of cutting it and also create problems such as diseases, to infest the lawn. Similarly, make sure that you do not over water or underwater the lawn. Over watering may lead to diseases and under watering may lead to the growth of weeds. Also make sure that your trees and shrubs remain properly pruned or thinned in order to allow sufficient light to reach the lawn.

One of the major problems created by the pets is the spots left by the pets on the lawn by making it their toilet area. You need to train your dog to do this in one particular area of the lawn. The problem is caused by the high quantity of salt present in the animal’s urine. To avoid this, you can consult a veterinarian and use medicines that reduce the amount of salt in animal’s urine to minimize the problem.

Aeration cultivates the soil by opening the holes in the soil for penetration of water, air and plant nutrients. Grass roots need sufficient air and core aeration helps them grow much better after the treatment occurs. Fall is the best time of the aeration for cool season turf. It can also be done in the spring but this might affect the performance of weed control treatments.

It is very important to use preventive grub control each year. White grubs are very destructive and damages your lawn very quickly. Eliminating these grubs can also prevent damages from animals such as opossums, skunks, and raccoons.

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